Student Services

A student talks with an advisor

Student Services

Academic Resources

Mitchell Community College provides a wide range of academic support resources to students including the MIND Center (tutoring), Writing Center, Huskins Library, and Work-Based Learning (WBL). Online classes let you learn when and where college fits with your schedule.


Veterans Services

Veterans Services assists students with VA educational benefits.


Disability Services

The Disability Services Office offers students with disabilities access to educational opportunities by providing academic accommodations.


Career Services Center

The Career Services Center provides resources and services to ensure students choose the right major and are knowledgable and prepared for their next move.


Student Services Advising Department

Student Services Advising provides a wide variety of services to prospective and new students including admissions information, assessment to determine need for placement testing, and referrals to community resources.The Advising Department also provides academic advising and educational planning for new students and incoming students with less than two semesters of completed college coursework behind them.


Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office assists students with paying for college through the use of grants and scholarships. Students who are awarded the Pell Grant use it to cover tuition, fees and other educational related expenses.


Office of Student Records

The Office of Student Records assists students with questions related to academic records, transfer credit, enrollment and degree verifications, Mitchell Community College transcripts and graduation requirements.